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Troop 30 has a rich history of Scouting excellence in the Little Rock area. Troop 30 has had over 100 Eagle Scouts through the years. The Troop continues a long tradition of quality programming and was selected Troop of theYear for the Pioneer District of the Quapaw Area Council for two consecutive years, 1999 and 2000. The adult leadership is committed to providing a quality program for all boys in line with the concept of the “boy-led troop”, established by Lord Robert Baden- Powell, the founder of Scouting.

Baden Powell called Scouting “a game with a purpose”, and saw the way that boys could be taught valuable lessons of leadership, living and character development by using the outdoors as a classroom.

Boys, age 11-18, are at an important stage of development in their growth and learning. Many distractions compete for their attention, and many of those distractions are harmful to their development as responsible young men. The Scouting program provides wholesome activities and challenges to help them grow “physically fit, mentally awake and morally straight.” in accordance with the Boy Scout Promise.

The Troop also involves youth in prayer, devotionals and faith-building religious awards to remind the boys of their duty to God.

We also engage in regular service activities to teach the importance of “help(ing) other people at all times”.


Mission Statement of Adult Scouters at St. Paul UMC

As adult Scouters a

t St. Paul United Methodist Church, it is our mission (1) To provide leadership and guidance for boys who look to us as role models in a complex and confusing world, (2) To use our best efforts to create opportunities for teaching and practicing the ideals of the Scout Law and Promise, including our duty to God, (3) To provide opportunities for every boy participating in the Scouting program at St. Paul to advance from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout if he is diligent and committed to the principles set forth in the Scout Promise and Law, (4) To create a nurturing environment for the boys consistent with the Christian principles of the United Methodist Church, although mindful and respectful of the individual faith of each boy and his family, and (5) To fulfill the Promise in our own lives and to deliver the Promise to our Scouts.

Long Term Goals of Pack 30/Troop 30

1. Personal Growth. Provide opportunities for personal growth, development and maturity for all boys in the St. Paul UMC neighborhood through the Scouting program.

2. Advancement. Provide opportunities for every boy participating in the Scouting program at St. Paul to advance over his years of Scouting from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout if he is diligent and committed to the principles set forth in the Scout Promise and Law.

3. Outdoor Experiences. Provide opportunities for outdoor experiences for all Scouts through hiking and camping and for high adventure experiences for older Scouts, which may include trips to Philmont Scout Ranch, National Jamboree, and other out of state destinations.

4. Spiritual Development. Provide a nurturing spiritual environment and opportunities for spiritual development through participation in the religious awards program for each Scout’s faith and educational level

(i.e., God & Me, God & Family, God & Church and God & Life).

Adopted August, 1997


Troop 30 Advancement Policy

It is the policy of Troop 30/St. Paul United Methodist Church to utilize the advancement program of the Boy Scouts of America as one of the eight Methods of Scouting:

  1. The ideals
  2. The patrol method
  3. The outdoors
  4. Advancement
  5. Association with adults
  6. Personal growth
  7. Leadership development
  8. The uniform

The Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee believe that it is important to allow the boys to mature along the way on their trail to Eagle Scout. As adult Scouters, it is our responsibility and our personal commitment to provide opportunities for all boys to advance as quickly as possible if they are diligent and work hard.

However, in addition to satisfying the requirements stated in the applicable current edition of the Handbook for Boys and the current requirements book, it is the policy of this Troop that all boys be at least 13 years old to receive the rank of Life Scout and at least 14 years old to be eligible for the rank of Eagle Scout. While we want our boys to advance and grow in accordance with their natural abilities, we recognize the need for maturity, the demonstration of leadership skills and a long-term commitment to the principles of Scouting by all Scouts desiring to achieve the highest ranks of Scouting.

Two Deep Leadership

The Troop always seeks to observe the requirement of “Two Deep Leadership” so that two trained adult leaders are present for all Scout meetings and activities. All of our Scoutmasters have completed the Boy Scout Wood Badge Training and several of our adult leaders are involved in training other adult leaders within the Quapaw Area Council. If you are interested in becoming a trained adult leader, please let us know!

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